From diesel fuels to hydraulic fluids, heavy equipment depends on flammable liquids to keep moving.

Whatever your business, the ability to effectively suppress fire is vital.

Patented loss-of-pressure system with fail-safe design, backed by over 40 years of proven experience and innovation.

The FS1000 System is a ‘Pre-Engineered’ Kit, Ensuring reliability to protect both operator and Equipment.

Innovative head assembly with no moving parts. Corrosion-resistant components.

Design flexibility and a range of different tank sizes make it possible to install Eclipse on a wide range of mobile plant and equipment.

We will perform a risk based assessment in accordance with AS5062-2022, Mining Design Guidelines (MDG) & any relevant designers, manufacturers or suppliers to determine what size system is best suited for your requirements

The Worlds first mobile equipment fluorine-free fire suppression liquid.

100% reliable – Environmentally sustainable

30% more effective than dry chemical alternatives

50% reduced clean-up time compared to traditional systems

Sandvik Eclipse Fire Suppression System Demonstration

Eclipse Chrome System

ANFO is an explosive oxidizer, this makes handling equipment design critical.

Sandvik offers an off the shelf solution with a specially plated ‘Chrome System’.

It has become the industry standard when it comes to fire protection on charge cars and transport vehicles.

All of our technicians are fully trained & registered with the Fire Protection Association of Australia.