Equipment design and operating scenarios vary greatly, what might work on one site may not be right for another.

The fire protection requirements of an operator and vehicle are identified and documented in a ‘Fire Risk Assessment‘.

A fire risk assessment is recommended in the NSW Mining Design Guidelines (MDG15) for any plant as part of its introduction to site package.

The operating environment, operator access, associated industry guidelines, machine value, fuel loading, primary and secondary ignition sources along with many other specific considerations combine to be able to make an informed decision on the required fire control measures to be put in place on the particular piece of plant.

Ausfirepro can conduct a team-based assessment as per AS5062-2022 on any type of mobile plant.

Fire suppression systems on mobile equipment should be installed and serviced to Australian Standard 5062-2022.

Each manufacture tests their suppression system to meet the requirements of AS5062-2022. The specific parts, foam type & pre engineered design rules are then listed the the CSIRO “Activfire” scheme.

Over time fire suppression systems age along with the equipment they protect. Hoses & wiring can become brittle, Non-OEM components are sometimes used to replace damaged parts, Incorrect foam may be added, and components incorrectly connected after major mechanical repairs.

In a worst-case scenario, it is important to limit your liabilities and know 100% that your equipment is maintained to OEM requirements.

Ausfirepro can complete onsite audits of the fire suppression systems on your fleet referencing OEM “Activfire” listings, then develop an action plan with you based on the results.